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My new job starts 2/22. ... Very good starting pay, benefits, and a yearly bonus! Thank you for all your work on my resume. I heard many nice compliments from employers on my resume!
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What You Should Expect

Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds looking at your resume so it’s very easy to get “screened out” or passed over.

You need a personalized, targeted, and highly effective resume. Every Cope Career Services resume is strategically crafted through collaboration with you and a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). We’ll make sure your resume stands out for the right reasons as we customize your resume to fit your specific needs, preferences, experience and target job.

Your resume, curriculum vitae (CV), and cover letter must highlight your most relevant skills, abilities, achievements, awards, certifications, and experience in a highly-impactful way. We utilize industry knowledge, and strategies to create and target your resume to your specific career goals. We’ll make sure your new resume has the relevant keywords to get attention, will minimize your chances of being “screened out”, and will maximize your success.

Below are just a few one page resume samples that highlight a combination of some of the more commonly selected formats and styles. Learn more below.

Let a certified professional write and design your resume worry-free.

We will work with you on the design, layout, and wording until you are completely satisfied. Whether you want a completely traditional “no frills” resume, an over-the-top stylized resume, or one similar to these we’ve got you covered. There are endless layouts and styles so just let us know what you prefer (or reference a resume sample number) and we’ll build an outstanding resume for you.

Cope Career Services has worked exceptionally well with myself and my cousin, who just got a job offer after receiving these services ... The experience has opened my mind to what kind of career possibilities exist and I have learned of new techniques to seek them out. I very much appreciate the assistance ...
Shared By: Brendan W.