Free Interview Question Assessment

Free Interview Question Assessment

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Finding a new job and getting an interview isn’t always easy. Don’t let your interview skills hold you back from getting the job. Submit your interview question responses for review and let a Professional Interview Coach provide a detailed assessment. We’ll evaluate your responses and assess first impression, overall impact, answer structure, length, and interview readiness. Your Professional Interview Coach will share detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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Interview Questions

Treat these questions as if you are being interviewed at the company you're applying for.
For best results, try reading the question and saying the answer aloud. Then, type your response.

1.) Tell me about yourself.

2.) What has been your most rewarding accomplishment?

3.) Tell me about the most difficult situation you've had at work.

4.) Why are you the best candidate for the job?

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After you send your responses, feel free to retry question #4 by video so we can give you feedback on your interviewing visuals.



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