Your Resume: Trashed In Just 6 Seconds

Your Resume: Trashed In Just 6 Seconds

Your Resume Gets Discarded Before Being Seen

Your Resume Gets TrashedYour resume doesn’t always make it to a decision maker, even if you are qualified for the job. Applicant Tracking Systems discard 75% of resumes before they ever make it to a decision maker, according to You must have a well-formatted, keyword-rich resume to make the 25% cut. Once your resume makes it to a recruiter, there is no room for subtly, humility, and implied skills.

Recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing an individual resume. -The Ladders

Struggling to find a job or even land an interview? You are not alone. Your resume is much more than just an obligatory piece of paper summarizing your work experience for use during your next interview. It’s your key to get past the locked doors in your way. It’s really more of a summary of what you can do for the employer, not just a list of what you’ve done in the past.

Your Resume Only Gets A Quick Once Over

Recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing an individual resume, according to a study performed by The Ladders. If you are one of the lucky one in four whose resume makes it to a recruiter or decision maker, there is still a significant chance your resume will get passed over unless something great jumps off the page to capture their attention within the precious 6 seconds they spend reviewing it.

Getting Past Applicant Tracking Software

Many large companies use Applicant Tracking Software to analyze your resume and determine if a possible match exists; seventy-five of resume are screened out before ever being seen, according to This software can get confused easily by an improperly formatted resume preventing your resume from making the cut. Applicant software scans for key components of the resume and relevant keywords for the role you’re applying for. A secondary review is performed later, by a decision maker, if you make the cut.

In order to get past the Applicant Tracking Software, and be the one in four, you have to format your resume to be easily read top-to-bottom and left-to-right. Avoid complicated formatting and tables. Make sure it includes all of the standard section headers and components needed for your field. Make sure your resume is keyword-rich with relevant keywords for your industry. If you aren’t confident, seek out a professional resume rewriting service. Is yours up to the task? Find out with a FREE Resume Critique.

Maximizing Recruiter Skims

In the first round of reviews, The Ladders study states, recruiters are skimming for a “fit/no fit” decision and 80% of their attention is on: Name, Current title/company, Previous title/company, Previous position start and end dates, Current position start and end dates, and Education. The other 20% (or 1.2 seconds on average) is spent scanning for keywords. Knowing this, do you think your current resume will make the cuts, get to a decision maker, and land you an interview?

Your resume must be full of relevant keyword that pertain to your industry and to the role you’ve applied for. Include percentages, numbers, and rankings to increase the attention grab and impact of your results statements. A touch of color, bold, italics on critical keywords can go a long way at ensuring it’s seen. When overdone, accents and highlights can be off-putting and actually distract the recruiter resulting in a “no fit” decision. Structure and balance are key.

Use Professional Services

Lost In The ShuffleIt’s very easy to get lost in the shuffle with all of the obstacles in the way of getting your resume to a decision maker. You have to make it past the pre-screen software and the six second recruiter review to get seen by a decision maker. If you have experienced the struggle, or simply want to avoid getting lost in shuffle, we highly suggest you use a professional resume review / rewriting service to boost up your resume and deliver it with confidence for your next job opportunity.

You have one, very brief, opportunity to Outshine The Competition; make it count. Is your resume up to the task? Find out with a FREE Resume Critique.

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