Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need your services?
Competition is extremely fierce amongst job seekers in the current job market. Your Cope Career Services Specialist is passionate about providing you with a competitive advantage during the hiring process. We'll build your confidence and provide the guidance needed to increase your marketability to prospective employers so you can earn the next step in your career, all at a great rate.
Resume Services:

A professional resume, written by a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), is an absolute must for any job seeker. Did you know? Up to 75% of resumes are eliminated by pre-screening software and recruiters spend only six seconds reviewing your resume on average. If you've found a great career opportunity, allow a CPRW to help you impress with your resume so you can land an interview.
Your Resume will be personalized and targeted toward the specific job posting or field that you desire to make sure you stand out. Learn more.
Interview Coaching:

Not only can it be very difficult to land an interview, but your interviewer may make quick judgement calls, have biases, or may not be sufficiently trained to conduct a fair, meaningful interview. You only get one short interaction to impress, do you want to hope you're prepared enough?
Interview coaching is the most effective way to demonstrate that you are the best candidate. Your Interview Coaching will be tailored to your specific needs and customized based on your preferences. Learn more.
Why should I use a CPRW?

Many of our clients are unfamiliar with Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) until they come across our site. That's because many resume writers are not certified. If you're serious about getting an interview, having your resume written by a CPRW is essential. You only get one chance to get that great job interview; don't trust someone who hasn't received their certification with your professional future. Let a writer who has proven their expertise write your new resume, not just anyone with Microsoft Word.
What is significant about a CPRW?

The Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC), established in 1990, created the CPRW certification process to create credibility within the resume writing industry. The CPRW certificate is the most widely recognized for resume writing. It signifies a guarantee that your resume will be expertly crafted to best suit your needs by a knowledgeable, experienced professional.
How does a writer get certified?

The CPRW certification process is comprised of a 4 module test, including an assessment of resume related knowledge/expertise, a proofreading excercise, and the creation of a full resume and cover letter from a mock client profile. The mock resume and cover letter, accompanied by a detailed notes explaining the approach and intricacies for the resume, are then reviewed and evaluated by a panel of certified judges. Less than 40% of all CPRW applicants earn the necessary scores on all modules, resulting in a failure to receive certification.
Learn more about the PARW/CC.

Can a friend give me career advice?

You can, and should, practice interviewing with a friend. Have them proofread your resume as well. But, that's not enough to prepare you for the challenges you'll face during the job seeking process. With the level of competition in the current job market, there is no better solution than interview practice with an Interview Coach and having a professionally written resume from a CPRW. The professional feedback you'll receive will be extremely valuable.
Being the best prepared candidate can easily be the difference between starting your new role or continuing the job search. Interview Coaching and CPRW Resume Services are the most effective solutions for improving your marketability to prospective employers.

Can I purchase this for someone else?

Absolutely, purchasing our services for someone you care about is actually very common. You can order any of our services directly and note that is a gift for someone else. Alternatively, you can purchase a Gift Certificate for them to use toward our services. All services are available first come, first served based on confirmed order date and time.
Marking your service order as a gift will allow you up to 48 hours to ask for a refund of your purchase (excludes Gift Certificates). This window of time is designed specifically to allow you and Cope Career Services the opportunity to speak with the other party and confirm their interest and availability to receive the service. We will ask for information from you and the receiving party during the process; We are not responsible for delays in service due to delayed responses. All sales are final for gift certificates immediately upon purchase. For services purchased as a gift, all sales are once we have confirmed with the receiving party, 48 hours has lapsed, or we begin working on the order (whichever comes first).
For more information on our return policy click here.

How quickly can we get started?

The timelines below are typical, but may vary. If you have limited availability, please contact us first. If you are on a tight timeline, and we can't be reached by phone, chat, or email, order now and notate the desired service date. We'll make every effort to take care of you in time. If we are unable to schedule completion of service by your desired date, and you attempted to contact us, we'll refund your purchase. We will ask for information from you during the process; we are not responsible for delays in service due to delayed responses.
For more information on our return policy click here.
Interview Coaching:
  • First Session: 1-2 Business Days.
  • Additional Sessions: As needed. We recommend 2-3 days between.
Excludes Sundays, Mondays, and Holidays. Get Started.

Resume Services:
  • Standard Delivery: 2-4 Business Days. (Included)
  • 2nd Business Day Guarantee: 2 Business Days. (Add $40)
  • Next Business Day Guarantee: 1 Business Day. (Add $80).
  • No Rush Delivery: 5-10 Business Days. (Save $20)
Business Days start once we receive the requested information. Excludes Sundays, Mondays, and Holidays. Get Started.

Location and Hours?


We service all areas of the United States by phone, chat, and email. Our headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio.
Please note: We do not offer in-person or Skype services. Our Interview Coaching services include a short user-submitted video assessment.
Hours and Business Days:

Eastern Time: Tuesday-Friday from 10AM-6PM & Saturday from 10AM-5PM
Our hours of operation vary based on demand and availability. Please feel free to reach out to us by phone, chat, and email. If we do not answer or respond right away, please leave a message and we will respond as quickly as possible.
For services that require scheduling, please contact us first before placing an order so we can confirm availability.
We are closed on Sundays, Mondays, and most Holidays and do not consider them a business day.
Headquarters & Mailing Address:

Just Cope, LLC DBA Cope Career Services
605 N. High St. STE 211
Columbus, Ohio 43215

... It is, without doubt, the most beneficial thing he has done towards his job search to date! ... my son has greatly benefitted from working with you and I'm glad we were able to work in the additional sessions.
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