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Interview Improvement – Skill B...

Career Coaching - Get Hired, Not Tossed!

Interview Improvement – Skill Building Tips For Success Build Your Interview Skills Employers use interviews to assess a potential candidate. During the interview, the business intends to figure out if the candidate is suitable for the role. Whether your interview is by phone, video chat, or in person, you’ll need to be fully prepared for […]

Your Resume: Trashed In Just 6 Second...

Your Resume Gets Trashed

Your Resume: Trashed In Just 6 Seconds Your Resume Gets Discarded Before Being Seen Your resume doesn’t always make it to a decision maker, even if you are qualified for the job. Applicant Tracking Systems discard 75% of resumes before they ever make it to a decision maker, according to You must have a […]

Startup Interview: Alphabetical Soups...

Startup Interview - Alphabetical Soups & Salads

Alphabetical Foods – “Go-To Dudes” For Your Fresh, Convenient Foods! While traveling to Columbus, Ohio recently, we had a special opportunity to catch up with a fresh entrepreneur that has put everything on the table (hopefully yours) to bring you a fresh, convenient lunchtime alternative. Alphabetical Foods currently operates the eye-catching, attention-commanding food truck proudly wrapped with the name Alphabetical Soups and Salads […]

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Cope Career Services has worked exceptionally well with myself and my cousin, who just got a job offer after receiving these services ... The experience has opened my mind to what kind of career possibilities exist and I have learned of new techniques to seek them out. I very much appreciate the assistance ...
Shared By: Brendan W.